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Receive a digital copy of Quinn Eaker's book Full Spectrum Health.

Shift your paradigm and upgrade your life. Are you ready to THRIVE???

Here is an excerpt from Full Spectrum Health:

"Health has been a really important aspect of my life for many years~

I am the sort of person who feels that if I can’t climb a mountain barefoot, I am not in good enough shape. If I cannot climb any tree, with or without branches, I am not in my ideal body. If I don't have the balance and flexibility to do a yoga pose on demand, I am out of shape. But health is different for everybody—what really matters is what we really want for our bodies and what kind of a body we really want to have. All of us are capable`*`

Our bodies are highly capable, designed in perfection~*~

Yet our bodies are subject to the environment they live in, and that environment is dictated by the consciousness within that body~

A body will not be healthy if it is abused, denied, forsaken.... One must ask one’s self.... What type of body feels good?"

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