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Colloidal Silver

antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, immune booster

Check out our Learning Gallery for more information on this powerful, economical solution for health and wellness in the body!

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Garden of Eden Colloidal Silver Display

10 nm nanoparticles 

Highest quality!

Silver has a unique property called the oligodynamic effect that has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria,

and fungi in vitro.

"Silver in the colloidal state is highly germicidal, quite harmless to humans, and absolutely non-toxic.
Rather than in a chemical compound, the silver in the colloidal state may be applied in a much more concentrated form, with correspondingly higher results.
All virus, fungus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes on contact. There are no side effects whatsoever from the highest concentrations." Dr. Henry Crooks

Because of its incredible ability to enhance health, Colloidal Silver has been used to self-medicate throughout history.


Whereas antibiotics can target maybe a half dozen diseases, Colloidal Silver has reputedly been effective against some 650 diseases.

While microbes frequently evolve past the scope of antibiotics, no microbe known to man has developed resistance to Colloidal Silver.

Did you know?

  • ​Acne

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Arthritis (Rheumatoid)

  • Athlete's Foot

  • Bladder inflammation

  • Blood parasites

  • Blood poisoning

  • Boils

  • Burns

  • Candida

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Chicken pox

  • Cold Sores and Herpes

  • Colitis

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Cuts

  • Cystitis

  • Mouth Sores

  • Dandruff

  • Diaper Rash

  • Ear Aches

  • Eczema (Dermatitis)

  • Dysentery

  • Ear Infections

  • Eye Infections

  • Flu

  • Food Poisoning

  • Fungal Infections

  • Gastric flu

  • Hay fever

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Herpes

  • Impetigo

  • Indigestion

  • Inflammation

  • Influenza

  • Insect Bites

  • Laryngitis

  • Lupus

  • Lyme Disease

  • Malaria

  • Mastitis

  • Meningitis

  • MRSA

  • Otis media (Middle ear infection)

  • Parasitic infections (diarrhea and vomiting)

  • Pneumonia (viral, bacterial, fungal)

  • Psoriasis

  • Rhinitis

  • Ringworm

  • Scarlet fever

  • Seborrhoea

  • Septicaemia

  • Shingles

  • Sinus Infections

  • Skin rashes

  • Skin Cancer

  • Sores

  • Sore Throat

  • Staphylococcus infections

  • Stomach ulcer

  • Streptococcus infections

"My best friend and I developed pneumonia at the same time. I took colloidal silver, and she went to the doctor. I healed within a week, and she ended up in the hospital." ~ Susan B
"My baby, Eowyn, had pink eye this morning, with the gooey mucus and all, so I brought out the colloidal silver and put some drops in there. NOW THERE IS NO PINK EYE!! Oh man, this stuff is good!!" ~ Rissa P.
"My daughter had deep acne as a teen. She made a face wash with colloidal silver and distilled water, and sprayed it on her face twice a day. Her complexion cleared up, and her skin became bright and shiny!" ~ Beth W. 
"Colloidal silver is my go-to when my children have earaches. I just drop a few drops in the ear that hurts, and within a day or two the pain goes away like magic!" ~ Kim G.

Check out our Learning Gallery for more information on this powerful,

economical solution for health and wellness in the body!

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