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Antibacterial, Antiviral Colloidal Silver can Destroy Pathogens!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

It is common knowledge that silver has established and respected characteristics that make it valuable to the tech and financial industries, but did you know that silver also has medicinal properties?!

Silver can eradicate bacteria!

Science has known for over a hundred years that silver has powerful antibacterial properties -- it’s called the oligodynamic effect. Actually, the silver ion is the active agent.

You can nerd out on the science by clicking here--learn how it slips across the walls of bacteria, how it interacts with DNA, how it deactivates enzymes, and so much more! OoOoOoO...SCIENCE!

Silver can eradicate viruses! 

Science demonstrates multiple mechanisms of silver’s antiviral powers: it can inactivate the virus before entering the host cell, or it can preferentially bind to the host cell to prevent viral attachment.

Garden of Eden Colloidal Silver

High quality colloidal silver is safe, non-toxic, and non-reactive, with a lower cost than pharmaceuticals and NO side effects! We will continue to share the super healing power of colloidal silver in upcoming posts to bring awareness to the proven options that exist for activating health and wellness! 

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